NEWS (Updated January 2012)



"January 2012

Happy new year to out out friends and clients!

2012 is set to be yet another busy one for Impulse Audio, with many forthcoming contracts secured for later in the year, and many more enquiries in the pipeline.

As well as using this quieter time of year to make sure all our equipment is in tip top condition for the year ahead, we are also developing our own water proof subwoofer unit which will compliment our in house designed twin 10 + 1" weatherproofed public address speakers which have proven very popular with our clients over the last two years. More info and pictures to follow!"

"November 2011

After a great autumn season providing sound and lighting hire and crew for several corporate events and quite a few firework displays, its now time to start on our Christmas contracts. Amongst other commitments, we are delighted to be back at Planit Events Victoria Embankment site this year, providing sound and lighting for every event this season at this very prestigious central london venue.

This unique venue contains a high specification band stage with flown line arrays and cardioid-array subs at one end, and a full conferencing and awards stage set at the other, with a distributed multi-delay system capable of re-producing the sound from multiple lectern mics and tie clip radiomics with superb quality and level, without a hint of feedback.

The systems are all integrated with a multi-mix rack Allen and Heath iLive system, with all the audio being sent around the venue on CAT-5 cabling, networked to provide the most versatile solution possible.

all this, with a 1200 capacity dining space in the middle, and a multi-use bar space to the side, this season is going to be an exciting and challenging one!"

"October 2011

Allen and Heath iLive now in stock

Impulse Audio have just invested in the amazing, and now frequently specified Allen and Heath iLive system, with inital purchases including the T112 control surface, IDR-32 and IDR16 mix racks, ACE networking cards, and of course Apple Ipad's to provide wireless control via D-Link dual band routers. With iDR48's and R72 control surfaces to follow, this updating of our mixing desk stock has come just in time for our very busy christmas season which is only round the corner!"

"August 2011

Summer 2011 proved to be an extremely busy one for all at Impulse Audio. Providing sound, lighting, rigging and staging for several new events, including the amazinf first ever Awesomefest at Mallory park, we just haven't stopped! "

June 2011

Lab Gruppen PLM Technology lands at Impulse Audio

Showing our commitment to provide our engineers and customers with the latest in cutting edge technology, Impulse Audio has just made a considerable investment into the latest Lab Gruppen amplifier and processing platform - the PLM series.

Investing in the PLM14000, this unit with its stunning sound quality and huge headroom will be powering our touring and hire FOH systems with immediate effect.

On board processing, provided by Lake processing enables systems to attain unheard of levels of performance with precise, real time control of all parameters - wirelessly controlled by tablet PC.

April 4th 2011

Impulse Audio adds the first batch of new frequency radio mics to hire stock.

After extensive testing, Sennheiser Evolution 500 series G3 systems were chosen to take over from our old CH69 Trantec S5000 wireless systems, operating on the new GB band frequencies in CH38, this makes Impulse Audio fully ready for the transition to the new frequency band.

Stocking the EW500-945 hand held transmitters, the belt pack systems will also be in stock soon. To ensure maximum range, best possible reliability and the best sound quality under difficult conditions or extreme range, Lintec Yagi antenna tuned to the centre of CH38 complete the new system, ensuring that the new Sennheiser systems operate over huge areas outside for our ever growing public address services.

March 2nd 2011

Impulse Audio adds the new Void Acoustics QX5 power amplifiers to our hire stock

Weighing in at just under 10Kg, it is remarkable that 4 1500w amplifier channels, each with its own 24dB LR active HP/LP filter reside under the hood!

Delivering a full 6Kw into 2 ohm loads, these superb new amps are now filling our racks - in particular on Monitor duty.

Using sonically pure class-AB output stages, these amps, handmade in the UK are fast becoming a favorite amongst our engineers and regular customers.

January 21st 2011

Impulse Audio starts using the fantastic rehearsal and testing facilities available at our base at Millennium Studios - the new sound stage - Stage A.

Providing fully sound insulated and acoustically treated space, with great loading facilities and as much clean power as you will ever need, this exciting new facility, barely 100 yards from our warehouse is proving to be very useful for testing and demonstrating new systems or configurations.

January 7th 2011

Impulse Audio adds Void Acoustics Arcline VLF infrasubs to our hire stock.

Our foundations have begun to shake with the arrival of our long anticipated Void Acoustics Arcline VLF infra-subs.
These unique enclosures, utilizing the latest in 21 inch driver technology deliver copious amounts of ultra-low sub bass to the lowest registers of any music.

Adding these infra-subs to our touring arcline system gives the whole system a new sound, the impact at the bottom end now has to be experienced, words don't do it justice!

December 1st 2010

Impulse Audio specifies, installs and manages the audio installation for London's latest temporary venue - Planit at Victoria Embankment gardens.

Presenting a challenge to our engineers, delivering superb sound suited to everything from conferencing to chart topping acts, performing from several different stages, whilst at the same time minimizing off site disturbance to the local residents and guests of the savoy hotel, Impulse Audio has recently supplied several linked systems to cover this 1400 capacity tented venue.

Using our Void Acoustics Impulse 4T and Arcline 6 systems, as well as Mycro 6 for fills, with processing by Klark Technik and power by Lab Gruppen and Void Acoustics, this install, in place for the 6 week run up to christmas has proven to be a huge leap forward in quality and coverage, allowing the venue to perform at the highest levels for its diverse and prestigious list of clients.

November 14th 2010

Klark Technik Processing arrives into stock

Impulse Audio has just taken delivery of a new batch of Klark Technik DN9848E 4 in-8 out system processors.

Finding their way into our monitor or FOH racks, these processors bring huge processing power, superb sound quality and flexibility with ethernet comms.